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You guys I can’t believe we’re back here again! If you’re new, its great to have you, and this is my second round of ORC. Last year we took on the ambitious challenge of refreshing our entire kitchen and it was an experience of a lifetime. I learned so much about my business, it tested my marriage, and also made me fall in love with Instagram all over again. I gave me a reason to be brave and put my face on Stories and I got to know so many new participants and followers from all over the country. It honestly kept me going through the worst of the mess and strain of being without a kitchen. It was all worth it though to have a major project like this be done and in the bag in 6 weeks, to the point where you kind of get addicted…

Which brings me to now! As you may have guessed, we are tackling our backyard. Well, part of it atleast. We live on .8 acres and essentially have 3 backyard areas–the upper patio/lawn (our focus for the Challenge), a middle open lawn with a creek that runs through it, and an enclosed pool area. In February a gigantic oak tree fell on our poor house and as you can see, it is a disaster. We had just had the house freshly painted too. You can read all about the tree situation here, but basically we were able to have most of it removed and now need to deal with the damage, and while we’re at it, make it all pretty.

We absolutely must repair the roof and fascia damage, but also need to build a containment fence for our curious Labradoodle Desmond. He finally figured out that he can easily escape the yard via the creek and its not a good situation for any of us. Our solution is to build as minimal of a fence as possible so as not obstruct the views.

The Before

The Plan

Because I can’t do anything simple we’re basically tackling 3 areas. At this point this is a short list and will likely evolve as we get rolling.

Lawn/Misc Yard I’m not sure our plan for the lawn itself but at this point its a pile of sawdust so something needs to happen.

  • 4′ fence to keep dog from escaping yard through the creek.
  • New grass
  • Create a path to concrete walkway that leads to lower yard
  • Demo planter curb along patio and continue lawn to meet concrete pad
  • Redesign and plant corner planters to soften deck and hammock corner
  • Paint back of gate to match framing to gray boards
  • Remove old scraggly rose bushes on side yard
  • Clean up trees and hedges

Dining area We added the deck last year and it just feels blah. I love it the deck itself, but I want to contain it and make it feel cozier and private without blocking the views. So I’ve got big visions for this area, hopefully we can pull it off.

  • New table and chairs
  • Modern pergola
  • Statement lighting
  • Soft seating area 
  • BBQ dock(?)
  • Bar/Console under bath window?
  • Lots of potted plants

Patio We have a long covered patio/breezeway the runs the length of the house. I love the coverage and shade it provides but its basically a bowling alley with angles and needs to be broken up into smaller vignettes.

  • Statement art piece on the dining side of house
  • Steamline/modernize doorway landings (x3)
  • Create a cohesive conversation seating area
  • Make hammock lounge cozier


Besides all the obvious repair work my biggest goal is to add color and soft textures. I want to feel like we’re on vacation when we’re back there–so want to bring some modern tropical touches mixed with midcentury and clean lines to match our home’s style and architecture.

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Ok that’s it for now! Definitely follow along on Instagram, I’ll be doing lots of behind-the-scenes and like last time I’ll have the same cast of characters getting involved with their wise cracks and opinions.

Also don’t forget to see what the Featured Designers and other Guest Participants did this week! Everyone works so hard and I love seeing the process as spaces transform.


XO, Rebeca

Week 1 (before photos, inspo and the design plan), Week 2 (surprise elements), Week 3 (pergola progress), Week 4 (landscape design), Week 5 (landscape), Week 6 REVEAL! 




32 thoughts on “Midmod Patio | ORC :: Week 1”

  1. Love! We live in an MCM house, and while we are doing the guest room this time, the yard is another project to tackle. I’ll be watching carefully! Good luck! 🙂

  2. I love outdoor makeovers! This looks like quite a task with all the “To Do’s” but it’s going to look amazing in the end. Love where you’re going with this. Such a great space to work with! Good luck & I look forward to following along 🙂 – Tee

  3. I love seeing people transform outdoor spaces on the ORC! This is going to be awesome! Also, “do something about this lawn” should be engraved on my headstone. HAHAHAHA

  4. Oh my gosh this is going to be so great! Also, your before pics are seriously making me thankful our yard is almost* done hahaha. I am so excited to follow along!

  5. natashawashington

    Wow, what an incredible space you have to work with! It’s gonna be fabulous when it’s all completed. Excited to watch as things progress.

  6. Rebecca,
    So excited you are taking on your patio for the ORC… We are tackling a patio/fire pit area so will be digging in the dirt with you 🙂
    I think your project has a bit more to it than ours but we’re feeling the pressure as we joined as guest participants 2 days ago!
    Fingers crossed we get it all done – looking forward to seeing the transformation.
    Denise and Sean

  7. I can’t wait to see it! I was super pumped and then I saw your mood board and lost it- your style is AWESOME! Not sure the pupper will like the new space as much as his freedom, but it’s going to be incredible!

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