Library Shelves Ikea Hack DIY

Back in 2020 my dad and I designed this built-in library shelving for my dining room. The budget was to tight for custom cabinetry, so we figured out a way to build the idea I had in my head using Ikea and a whole lot of trim. Over the years I’ve referenced this project a lot in my DIY consultations and have had a few people tag me in their own versions (so cool!). I always wished I had written an explanation with visuals so I’m finally doing it. Keep in mind, this was close to 4 years ago, so we’re going by memory, but hope this is helpful!

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ORC Fall 2023 :: Week 8

ITS DONE. I low-key wasn’t sure I was going to get the room buttoned-up and to shoot before Reveal Day but I freaking did it. I had just enough left on my To Do list that it was an intense couple days to get it all done before my photographer (also my sister-in-law!) left for vacation on Monday, I’m so happy I pushed myself because now we can enjoy the room and get our house back in order! So on that note, let’s go through each part of the room! I mentally broke the space into 3 zones: The seating area, the fireplace/bookcase, and the entry hall.

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ORC Fall 2023 :: Week 7

When we bought our house I fell in love with the huge, floor-to-ceiling windows in this room that framed the view to our back yard and all the wildlife we see back there. So when we moved in I immediately removed the 50 year old crumbling drapery and lived without coverings for the last 7 years. It hasn’t been a huge problem because our yard is so private, but the last couple years I started wanting to add softness to that wall and it does get cold during the winter months when you’re sitting by it.

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ORC Fall 2023 :: Weeks 4-5

This is a combo Week 4-5 post because all the action is coming at the end.

You’ve seen that we have a big, cozy sectional which is deep and luxurious but makes it a little difficult to reach your beverage of choice on the coffee table. In the old setup we had a sofa table sandwiched against the wall but it was a couple shelves balanced on some stands. It was never meant to be permanent but it never officially broke, so we never officially fixed it. You can see it in the photo below with the baskets precariiously balanced on it.

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ORC Fall 2023 :: Week 3

Apologies to every other important part of this project, but the moment I was most waiting the arrival of the new sectional. Being a designer without well-functioning furniture in your own home is a special kind of torture. We guide our clients to all the amazing pieces that will hold up to their lifestyles and fit their spaces, but meanwhile I’m looking around my house not loving what I see.

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