Library Shelves Ikea Hack DIY

Back in 2020 my dad and I designed this built-in library shelving for my dining room. The budget was to tight for custom cabinetry, so we figured out a way to build the idea I had in my head using Ikea and a whole lot of trim. Over the years I’ve referenced this project a lot in my DIY consultations and have had a few people tag me in their own versions (so cool!). I always wished I had written an explanation with visuals so I’m finally doing it. Keep in mind, this was close to 4 years ago, so we’re going by memory, but hope this is helpful!

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ORC: Week 2 (MudBathLaundry Room Design Plan )

One Room Challenge Week 2! We made a lot of progress but mostly the unexciting kind: getting the shower rough-in installed without disturbing the tile, patching the wood floor under the old cabinets and buttoning up the plumbing behind the sink wall. All very important but honestly kind of boring. Let’s move on to the

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ORC: Week 1 (Meet the MudBathLaundry Room)

What’s behind curtain number 1? Its here, its here, my third One Room Challenge! And to celebrate we’re redoing three rooms! Not really, but kinda…keep reading…I think I have the hang of it this time and am doing everything I can to keep things on track in the home, work, and health departments (read about my

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