Our Holiday Dining Room
This post was sponsored by Mohawk® Home in exchange for blog coverage. All reviews and opinions are entirely my own! 

By now you’ve probably seen the dining room makeover we completed for the Fall One Room Challenge. One thing I try to be conscious of when I’m working on a design is to make sure its not too seasonally specific. In the summer I know I gravitate toward lighter and brighter, and the fall I want moody so when I’m in the process I mentally put myself in the opposite season and make sure I can feel good in the room year-round.

We just finished this room the week of Thanksgiving but I immediately wanted to put a winter holiday spin on it. Note: these thoughts apply to non-pandemic years, so please put health and safety first! With the “big family meal occasions” happening in the fall and winter, a dining room should be able to turn up the razzle dazzle but also encourage people to linger. No need to hang a sign that instructs guests to GATHER, guests will want to naturally if you just give them an inviting space. My must-have for dining rooms

  • Good food
  • Good company
  • Comfortable seating
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Comfortable rug 

Those of you with small kids probably think its crazy to put a white shag rug in a dining table, but I really wanted to keep the floor light while the rest of the room was more saturated. The Oslo Shag Rug from Mohawk® Home was the solution to combine family-friendly with super cozy. Made using Mohawk’s EverStrand technology it uses quality PET fiber which means its sustainably made and easy to clean. The fibers themselves are unbelievably soft, and then adding a thick, non-slip rug pad its extra plush.


This rug begs you to kick your slippers off.

I’m not one to go over the top in every room with holiday decor but I do love the twinkle of a lighted tree and some extra greenery. We only had to slightly shift things to make room for my pretty white tree. This is the one I get to call the shots on every year, and we have a fresh tree in the family room for all the kitschy, hodge-podge of family ornaments. Even the potted pine got dressed up for the holidays. I made some little swags for the picture lights and love the low key festivity they add. I just clipped some branches from our redwood trees out back, tied them in the middle with wire and looped some pretty ribbon. 

For the rest of the room I added some vintage ornaments and bottle brush trees alongside some of my mom’s hand-me-down decorations from the 70’s that I love. 

We don’t eat in here everyday, but we do spend way more time in here just hanging out on the floor honestly. Now that the hedges are gone out front, its Desmond and Cecily’s favorite spot to spy on the neighborhood cats and watch all the turkeys strut by. 😂

We won’t be hosting any dinner parties any time soon, but having this finished, cozy space even for just our little family feels extra special and worthwhile. I highly recommend finding a spot in your home to do the same!




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