A case for colorful fixtures

…and toilets, and faucets. I’ve been seeing untraditional plumbing fixtures popping up over the last year, and after my time at KBIS in Vegas last week, it’s official–colorful fixtures are back. 

Let’s be clear, these aren’t your grandmother’s water inefficient, pink toilets with the matching tub and sink (although that’s cool too, see example below). We saw lots of modern vessel sinks, deep jewel-toned soaking tubs, and faucets that were a bold hue instead of metal. Along with true saturated colors, white powder-coated plumbing fixtures are becoming a thing. I had a couple Instagram followers mention that they looked like PVC pipes, but they’re actually solid and beautifully finishes, not the shiny plastic that I think we’ve seen in fixtures past.

For the most part people seem to be hesitant to commit to installing a pink toilet or sink. Personally I think the white toilet has been ubiquitous for way too long. Maybe people want it to just go away, but depending on the room design, a color might help this necessary equipment blend in. If you have a deep wall color or tile, a white toilet is going to stand out even more. But if they came in more colors, they can actually be de-emphasized in the room with design choices. And as Lauren from Studio Laloc pointed out, a toilet is actually a lot easier to change than tile so what’s the big deal? 

What we saw at KBIS

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Kohler is bringing back some of their heritage colors with a huge PR rollout for their 150th birthday. In case you missed it, here are the winning shades. It wasn’t a contender, but I would love to see that teal make a come back. 🙂

Above: Heritage color examples from Kohler.

Above: This collaboration between Victoria + Albert and Wallpaper* is so gorgeous.

Left: How good are these colors we saw at Marmite?

Right: Bocchi had lots of options in this powder blue.

Design examples

Above: A coral pink concrete sink in my Camp Golden Bear project. 

Above: Hommeboys

So what do you think? Would you consider breaking the traditional mold and adding color?




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