Design Influencer’s Tour–Part 3 Trends

I’m back with some more insights and trends I pulled together on the Design Influencer’s Tour during the Spring 2022 High Point Market. Last time I went through the colors I saw repeated in many showrooms (read post), now I have a few other general trends I kept seeing. Let’s get into it!

Nubby Neutrals

If you know me, you know I’m first and foremost drawn to color. That being said, there is always room for neutrals and it seems like every showroom was full of these thick, nubby neutrals.

Above: Can you imagine ending each day in this  oatmeal bouclé bed from Cisco Home? Its cozy luxury at its finest and it took a lot of willpower not to flop into it on our tour. I love the soft angles that add to the plushness–not a hard surface in sight.

Above Left: I love the tumbled texture of a travertine-like finish at Theodore Alexander. Paired with a natural stained wood this mix is warm and modern. Above Right: We got to meet Erinn V. and learn all about her new line with Universal Furniture. This chair has all the vintage appeal that I love in a completely modern form.

Above Left & Right: Creamy white pieces can bring so much warmth to a space when upholstered in chunky woven fabric. The Eichholtz showroom knew exactly how to get the balance right with so many pieces in their collection.

Above: I’m obsessed with these wall hangings we saw at Theodore Alexander by artist William Storms.


I’ve always loved rounded shapes and when I read about the “Aesthetic of Play” and how the concept of roundness added to feelings of joyfulness it all clicked into place.  Soft round edges, bubbly shapes, and radius corners are everywhere in furniture design right now.

Above:  This modern fixture from Hubbardton Forge is more like an art sculpture. Completely adjustable, one can slide each globe on its wire and turn it into a new configuration of floating bubbles.

Above: The bubble legs on this writing desk from Fairfield Chair take a traditional furniture and add playfulness to your work day.

Above Left:  The ball-shaped arms with that little cone taper at Wesley Hall just makes me so happy.
Above Right: Stickley has THE most beautiful solid wood pieces I saw at Market and I really loved this little oval nightstand to soften the lines of a bedroom.

Above Left: Theodore Alexander

Above Right: Bungalow 5

Above: So many modern outdoor lines rely on hard square corners to make them contemporary and that’s just not as comfy as a rounded back. I was so impressed with the outdoor collection at Universal Furniture , they have so many great options to choose from.


Yes, cane, stained wood and marble are still going strong on furniture, but I noticed more organic finishes on unexpected categories.

Above: Hubbardton Forge is entering into the bathroom category with these sconces that manage to be both sweet-looking and edgy at the same time. I really love the 2-tone organic texture and metal finishes they used.

Above Left: I can’t get enough of burl wood and its finding its way into more delicate pieces like these accent tables at Bungalow 5. Peep the brass accents on the legs and bases. So good! Above Right: Bungalow 5 honestly excels at adding unique, organic textures to many pieces in their collection. From this grasscloth covered dresser, to hide-on-hair chests and even horn-inlay they have some great options.

Above Left: Adding natural stone to lighting has been a trend for a few years, but this marble slab wall sconce at Kalco is both a simple and beautiful execution. Above Right: Organic woven pendants also at  Kalco would bring soft texture to any space. If you look closely you can see that the black shade actually has indigo on the inside.

Above:  I love the form of this traditional gourd lamp made modern out of alabaster at Eichholtz. Even turned off, it seemed to glow.


Chonky furniture is a term Shaun and I started describing a couple years ago. It means oversized, chunky scale on typically more delicate features. I’ll explain below. 🙂

Above: Every time I look at this photo I think it’s distorted but it’s not. 😂  These chairs from Universal Furniture are the chonkiest and I would love to curl up in one with a book. Also see that oversized welt on the seams? It’s all part of the look.

Above Left: More than just your tufting these wide channels in this chair at Eichholtz remains elegant while embracing it chonkiness. Above Right: A little more subtle, this arched bookcase at Hooker Furniture embraces Roundness (see above,)  while also bringing in thick chonky lines. It manages to be both rustic and modern.

Above: More chonky channels at Eichholtz. Side note: How about that cute scallop shadow?

Above: More categorized as “oversized” than “chonky,” I was so happy to learn that Minted now has larger format art to add to the plethora of smaller pieces they carry. Always expanding, I love this innovative brand.


Above: This large chonky sectional at Fairfield Chair was SO comfortable. It manages to be undone and casual without getting messy like some other versions do in this category. Add a durable, Crypton fabric and its your perfect family sofa.


Not a huge trend, but one I saw a few times, was the idea of surprise. Also a part of the Aesthetics of Joy, these little moments add function to their pieces, but also were just fun.

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Above: At first look this is just a pretty full-length standing mirror, but reach along the side and its genius hidden jewelry storage. From Hooker Furniture

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Above: This gorgeous secretary desk at Theodore Alexander is basically an incredible work of art, but look closer and there are so many hidey holes and elements of surprise. The staircase pivots open, the suede stair risers are little drawers and these small little cubbies were just so cute!

Above Left: I guess it only makes sense that desks would have secret hiding spots. This modern version at  Stickley had these incredible hidden swing out side panels.





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