Quick home updates: Part 2

Finish a simple project

I’ve had this canvas my grandpa painted in every home I’ve lived in for the last 25 years. And for all of those years (decades!!) its bugged me that it has looked incomplete. I’ve always thought about making a simple frame for it, but when I saw Jenny’s DIY post on her Instagram I made it happen. And by ‘made it happen’ I took my dad to Home Depot and asked him to do it for me. So find a handy person to outsource it to or if you’re less lazy/more handy then I am its a really simple project!

Here’s how it looked leaning against the entry bench (sorry for the terrible photo). It added a nice pop of color but it just wasn’t the right home. Meanwhile, my beautiful beige fireplace was yelling for a focal point from across the room.

Its just a couple pieces of birch so with a few cuts and some Watco oil we already had  its completely changed the room. Its always amazes me how much the little details matter and can make a big difference. Thanks, Dad!

I’m loving that its the first thing you see when you enter our home and it brings the right dose of color, not to mention family history. Now one of these days we’ll get to that hearth. The band-aid color tile is not doing it any favors…

[Note: For how-to check out Jenny Komenda’s “Bedroom Redo” Highlight story]

Is there something simple that needs fixing or completing? Just get it done!








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