Let’s do this

When my 3 year old is excited about an adventure or activity she ball up her little fists, pumps both arms and yells, “let’s do this!” So without further ado, I’m finally ready to announce the next chapter of my entrepreneurial life. P.S., she also took my portrait here and I may start hiring her out. 🙂

I started my career over 20 years ago (yikes) as a graphic designer and have lived in the world of branding and marketing for both print and digital media. I still really value the effectiveness of a solid brand, so will still work with clients that are a good fit. My real passion ever since I can remember however is interior design. I think a well-designed room can change someone’s entire outlook. Depending on the intention, a space can make you more creative, relaxed, productive or simply just happier.

So…I will now be offering residential interior and graphic design services under the name Studio Plumb. Take a peek around the site for more details, but you’ll also still find my blog which has evolved over the years. I plan on mixing in occasional personal updates but mostly focus on design and DIY posts when I’m feeling crafty.

I love working with a range of homeowners–maybe you know what you like, but have no clue where to start or you’re someone who just feels overwhelmed with the process of making your house your home. I want to make working with a designer approachable, so I’m now offering several service packages which range from just paint color selection to full-service room design where I’ll plan, shop and install the entire space.

So if tackling your home is on your list this year, let’s chat! Fill out the questionnaire, or send me a message and I can answer any questions you may have.




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An feminine office interior design project by Studio Plumb

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