Dinkey Forever

Camping seems like such a pain. You spend days packing everything you might need so you can have the comforts of home while sleeping in the dirt. It really doesn’t make sense and sometimes I wonder what the point of it is, since our ancestors couldn’t even dream of wall-to-wall carpeting and central heat and …

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Let’s do this

When my 3 year old is excited about an adventure or activity she ball up her little fists, pumps both arms and yells, “let’s do this!” So without further ado, I’m finally ready to announce the next chapter of my entrepreneurial life. P.S., she also took my portrait here and I may start hiring her …

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New year, new routines

That should actually say, “New year, start an actual routine.” I tend to always get sucked into the optimistic pull of January 1st but this year I want to set attainable goals and break them into smaller, incremental changes. Since January coincided with my husband switching schedules, our first big pains of re-entry into school, …

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The Hot Young Designers Club

How We Got Started

It’s the 1st birthday of the HYDC! This week Rebecca and Shaun are celebrating by taking you back to their beginnings and how they started their businesses. They share their education paths, what they invested to launch, and how they got their first projects. 


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